Layaway Plan

New non-perishable items may be put on layaway for 8 weeks or 12 weeks.  The following chart explains the fees for each plan.


Availability (with a total purchase of $300 or more)
Option 8-week 12-week


Service Fee * $5 $10


Cancellation Fee * $15 $25


Down Payment*  

$20 or 10%
(whichever is greater)

$35 or $10%
(whichever is greater)

Down payment includes a $5 Service Fee for an 8-week contract and a $10 Service Fee on a 12-week contract. No partial cancellations are permitted. Cancellations can be made only in the store where you opened your contract.

Down payment –The down payment is due at the time the start of the layaway.  The down payment will equal 10% of the total amount or $20.00 for the 8 week plan and $35.00 for the 12 week plan.  Down payments are refundable in person if the layaway is canceled.


Cancelations- Layaway cancelations must be done in person and must be signed for.  For every layaway there is a service fee and a cancellation fee that is non-refundable.  The amount refunded will be the deposit and payments made less the service fee and cancellation fee, as specified in Pa Chapter 738B.


Sales Prices- If items are on sale when put into layaway you will receive the sale price.  If the item is on sale when you take out the time you will receive a credit for the sale item amount.  If you cancel a layaway and still wish to purchase an item you had on layaway and the item is no longer on sale the item will be regular price.


Layaway Due Date- Layaways must be paid for in full and picked up by the due date.  Failure to pick up your layaway on the due date will result in the items being put back onto the sales floor.  The customer is responsible for requesting any amount due to be refunded in person.


*Special Order Saddles- When picking up new special order saddle not in stock a week notice is required to allow for shipping to the store.

Items may not be taken out of layaway on an individual basis; the layaway must be paid in full to receive any items.

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